Hindi Medium, the movie

So many reviews on this movie have previously been written. So why another review? Well, it’s because I couldn’t resist from scripting few lines about this movie. Hindi Medium isn’t really a movie. This is real; the real story of today’s elite parents who think studying in an English Medium school can promise a good life for their children.


The Story: Mita and Raj Batra, a rich cloth merchant from Chandni Chowk, are struggling to get their daughter admitted to an English Medium School. The obstacle is their language which is playing a barrier in getting their kid admitted. The school admits kids of only those parents who can speak good English which they aren’t. The plot of the movie is the series of incidents that follow when they want to get their kid admitted by hook or crook. Some humor, some satire and some reality make the plot very poignant.


My Review: Story flows on how the English language divides our nation into various parts with the English Spoken few makes the elites of them all. The desi spoken ones; however rich are being considered to be pariah. Great Story, great comic timing, and great acting by Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal, Sanjana Sanghi. Deepak Dobriyal steals your heart apart, Saba Qamar in her debut Hindi movie acts so effortlessly but it is Irrfan Khan who has nailed it like a Super Hero.


What makes it more striking is, the family in Hindi Medium is a happy go lucky family, living their life in their own terms, a happy wife, a sweet kid and a rich cloth merchant. All was going on well until they realize the difficulty they have to face when they want to admit their kid in an English Medium School. Even a Prime Minister’s office can’t assure admission.


For the sake of their kid, they move to posh Vasant Vihar which has the elite people of Delhi living in. For social recognition, they want to get their kid admitted in an English Medium School. Even a consulting firm who specializes in getting kids admitted to English Medium school couldn’t help. The consultant played by Tilottoma Shome advised them to play a poor family since as per Right to Education Act, some percentage of seats are reserved for poor people. So Batras shift to a Basti temporarily informing their neighbours that they are going to Paris. They visit a photo studio to click pictures with Paris scenes in background so as to post them in Social Networking site to convince their neighbours.


Chemistry between Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar is par excellence. Cinematography, songs, editing are average. The film hasn’t gone stereotype and rather looks very different than all those movies you see these days. Saket Chaudhary’s Hindi Medium deserves all the compliments it gets because of the inimitable storytelling and presentation. Amrita Singh is wasted in a miniscule character.


If the movie is at all watchable, there are so many factors to it. The unstoppable Irrfan Khan, the debutante Saba Qamar, the superlative acting by Deepak Dobriyal, the simple yet beautiful storyline, the comic timings of all the actors. Everything about the movie is just awesome.


There are few drawbacks as well but I won’t mention them because the perfection is much better and scores more than the drawbacks.


Hindi medium is enormously charming; light hearted romantic comedy, and a socio-political satire on education system and the elite class’s charm for English Medium Schools. So, if you still haven’t watched the movie, don’t miss it. Once you are out of the theater, I am sure, you can relate to Mithu, and her husband Raj and they are going to stay in your heart for a longer time than usual.


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