Trapped, the movie

A man is trapped in a desolate building and how he deals with the situation makes the story. It should be as simple as that, but it isn’t as simple as it looks. The real narrative is much more than this.

Trapped is a movie whose director is the same who directed the epic movie Lootera & Udaan. Vikramaditya Motwane has chosen the ideal character Rajkummar Rao as the protagonist of the movie which was released in 17th Mar’17 and gathered rave reviews across the world.

Saurya (Rajkummar Rao) is in love with Noorie(Geetanjali Thapa) whose wedding is already fixed. So they plan to run away and get married. Since Saurya lives in a bachelor’s hostel, he plans to take a flat where he can stay with Noorie. In a hurry to find an inexpensive accommodation, he shifts to a newly built high-rise which has some legal issues and hence has remained desolate. The security guard of the building is oblivious of his shifting to the building and even Noorie has no idea of his new address. Next morning while getting late to office, Saurya inadvertently locks himself inside the apartment with the key hanging outside the door. Few attempts to open the door fails and since the building has no electrical connection, his phone conks of and he is totally disconnected from outer world. But he doesn’t want to give up. The zeal to live drives his enthusiasm to think out of the box from among those normal household items in the house. He makes posters for help from cardboard and toothpaste and throws them out for somebody to notice. He puts his clothes on fire in the night for people to notice. But no one did really, his voice doesn’t reach people more than 100 feet below, his posters doesn’t reach the right place.

With no food, water or electricity, it is a fight for unrelenting survival for Saurya. With passing days, he becomes claustrophobic and with nothing to eat, he starts surviving on cockroaches, ants, and pigeons and started talking to the lone rat in the house. One fine day, as a respite it rains heavily and he collected as much water as he can in all empty containers in the house and survives on them for some time. But with passing time, his psychological and physical health deteriorates.

As a last option, he starts cutting the balcony window with a metal sheet that he found in the house and after days of cutting he finally succeeds. He climbs down through the windows for next five floors where he finds a balcony with no gates or doors and enters the floor to climb down the stairs and escapes the building. A few steps away from the building he faints due to weakness and is rushed to the hospital by locals. The story ends with some twists and turns. Whether the struggle he went through to come out of the house was worth? 

Vikramditya Motwane has the absolute brilliance to turn a one line story into a 105 minute tour de force. The one man army Rajkumar Rao makes the movie run on his own shoulder with his despair to escape from the flat and show his ordeal so effortlessly. It takes nerve to sit through the 105 minutes of the movie living with his hallucination. You will feel sorry for him when you see his hunger is turning him into a beast and a completely Vegan guy doesn’t hesitate to eat pigeons. You will feel a part of yourself along with the plot when with each sunset you get impatient along with him, how you feel imprisoned in the flat along with him. Not just inside the flat where he was stuck, but was fighting many demons with the outside world too. Like numerous people staying in Mumbai, he was fighting a battle to marry his girlfriend with his hand to mouth income.

The director has taken very little things into accountability too. The 35+ floor apartment’s name is Swarg where the protagonist is stuck for more than a week. The very minute details have been taken care of when Saurya walks out of home and the guard gives him the typical look that those in Mumbai would give to any stranger.

Coming out of the theater if you stop by a roadside eatery to have something, I am sure you will remember Saurya. You will know his vulnerability; but you will never understand how he survived unless you have the kind of guts and survival instinct in yourself. You need tonnes of courage to watch this movie. As for me, this is the best survival thriller I have watched yet. Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted are the most terrible poverty and scariest experience ever. When you come out of the theatre, am sure you will feel a part of your soul left inside the theatre.


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